Home Design Trends in 2023

What's Coming, What's Going in 2023

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November 28, 2022

Whether you’re getting ready to build or are still building a wish list in your head, staying up on the latest trends is an important—and fun—part of the home design process. Many of the trends dominating around the country and within Estes Builders own portfolio are familiar while others are just emerging. Either way, they’re a key indicator of our ever-changing lifestyles and preferences.

Here’s a look at a few of the design trends we’re seeing as 2022 gives way to 2023:


Flex Space

From home offices to taking care of aging parents, Americans are increasingly in need of home spaces that can shift with a family’s changing needs. Planning during the design stage can help make this happen the right way. For example, a home office can easily convert into an additional bedroom provided it includes a closet and second form of egress. Or including space for a data closet can make switching from a spare bedroom to a media room down the road.

Kitchen Islands

Large kitchen islands have become a must-have for entertaining, casual dining, and preparing fun recipes found on social media. Peninsula islands, however, are out.

Smart Kitchen Storage

Options abound to make the kitchen work smarter. Clunky corner cabinets are out, so galley-style layouts are in to help avoid wasted space. Creative interior storage—think built-in spice racks, small-appliance elevators, and vertical cookie-sheet racks—are essentials for reducing countertop clutter and instilling a sense of minimalism. In addition, plan ahead for outlets, including outlets with USB charging ports, to accommodate both cooking needs and phone/laptop charging.

Custom Home Builder in Port Townsend | Estes Builders


Open Floor Plans

Though some in the housing industry say open floor plans are fading from favor, we’re not seeing that among our custom home buyers. Homeowners are still craving a connection between the kitchen and living space, not only to allow for easy entertaining but also to help light infiltrate the living area.

Custom Home Builder in Port Townsend | Estes Builders


Steam Showers

Though on the pricey side, many Estes clients have been requesting steam showers, which provide relaxation without having to fill a tub.


LED Mirrors

Home buyers are eschewing the typical two- and three-light vanity fixture for mirrors with built-in LEDs, with or without a recessed medicine cabinet. In fact, more experimentation is taking place with bathroom lighting overall, including pendant lights over the sink.

Radiant Heating

Radiant flooring continues to be popular in the bathroom, instilling coziness in our notoriously damp Pacific Northwest winters. But radiant heat is also growing in popularity throughout the home as an alternative to forced-air systems.


Outdoor Living

Thoughtful outdoor spaces have been skyrocketing since the pandemic and is showing no signs of slowing down. In particular, decks are becoming more functional than ever as indoor amenities migrate outdoors, including outdoor kitchens (pizza ovens are particularly hot), comfortable and stylish furniture that still withstands the environment, and designated “rooms” for gathering, eating, and relaxing. Large folding or sliding doors ensure the ever-important seamless transitions from indoors to out.

To accommodate the Pacific Northwest climate, Estes Builders often incorporates overhangs or alcoves into the outdoor space; deck position and layout are critical for capturing views, as well, and are part of Estes’ careful design process.

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Black Window Frames

Darker window frames came back into favor during the modern farmhouse craze and seem to be here to stay even as that home style dies down. The sleek look pairs with modern and transitional home styles for a timeless aesthetic.

Low-Maintenance Materials

The less work a home requires, the better. Products like composite decking, fiber cement cladding, and other wood alternatives offer authentic looks without the upkeep of wood options.



No matter what your dream home looks like, Estes Builders’ design team can help turn imagination into reality. Schedule a Custom Home Investment Study today.