5 Creative Design Ideas for Your New Home

August 17, 2017

Are you looking for unique ideas to incorporate into your new home? While a walk-in pantry, a boutique master closet, and a man cave are on everyone’s wish list, perhaps you’d like to see what else is out there. Below, we’ll look at some of the most creative ideas from homes we’ve actually built for our customers. Feel free to borrow these ideas when planning your dream home with Estes Builders.

1. More Windows, Less Mirrors

Who needs mirrors when you have a view like this? Even your bathroom can offer great views of your property and beyond. Instead of hiding your gorgeous view behind drywall and a mirror, install an oversized window that’s perfect for gazing out into nature.

2. Stunning Staircase

Looking for another way to inject personality into your home? Don’t forget the stair balusters! Also known as spindles, these decorative elements can convey movement, whimsy, and an elegant finishing touch to your staircase. Attractive balusters not only add interesting texture to your space, they also set your home apart from a sea of clones.

3. Double-sided Fireplace

A fireplace that does double duty? Yes, please! Install a gas fireplace that you can enjoy from the great room and the kitchen. A double-sided fireplace can gently separate two rooms in an open floor plan while also providing a stunning focal point for both rooms.

4. Pop-up Vent

Do you love the look and functionality of a stovetop on your kitchen island, but don’t want an obtrusive vent overhead? Why not go with a downdraft vent, instead? This type of vent is installed within your kitchen island and pop-up only when you need it. Otherwise, it can stay tucked out of sight, without the possibility of bumping your head on an obstruction that’s hanging from the ceiling.

5. A Wall of Windows

Here’s a fun fact: More windows equal less need for art. When nature is the backdrop, you’ll always have a compelling and evocative work of art in your home. Not only will a wall of windows brighten you home, it will also make your home feel more open and inviting. A wall of windows will also give you the illusion that you’re living with your environment, instead of cocooned from it. Would you like to get started planning your custom home? Request a free Project Analysis. ]]>