Estes Builders Wins Avid Customer Service Award

2022 Avid Gold Award Recipient for West Region

Estes Builders Avid Gold award

November 2, 2022

Estes Builders was recently honored with a Gold Avid Award, recognizing the company’s stellar homebuying experience in the eyes of recent clients.

The Avid Awards recognize home builders in the United States and Canada with the highest homebuying experience scores in the AvidCX program. The awards are based on results from large publicly traded and private builders as well as small-volume and custom builders.

Estes Builders earned the Gold Award for the West Region, which is given to builders with the highest scores on the New Home Move-In Experience Survey, taken from the first 90 days of homeownership.

In the surveys, Estes achieved a remarkable 91% average for custom homes, with 5 out of 7 clients rating 92% or better.

“Home building can be stressful and overwhelming, so Estes Builders prides itself on creating a customer-focused, drama-free experience from first consultation to design to key delivery,” said Angie Robar, Client Experience Director. “We’re honored not just to receive this award, but to know it means that we have fulfilled our promise to customers on the road to their dream home.”

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