Behind the Scenes: New Custom Home in Sequim, WA

July 11, 2017

“Design like you’re a kid again.” That’s the approach that the DeBards took when designing their new custom home in Sequim, WA. We think it’s great advice. The DeBards decided to leave behind the hot, crowded island life in Hawaii and relocate to Western Washington, but they didn’t want a cookie-cutter house. They just wanted a home that included everything that was important to them. Here’s what they had to say about their approach to the design process: “It’s your house! If you’re going to build a custom house, build your house, don’t build a house somebody wants, somebody else is going to like. Don’t build your house for resale value, build it because it’s your house.” The DeBards worked with our design team to create an unconventional two bedroom, four bath home that is the perfect fit for their style. The home includes an office, a home gym, tile floors with radiant heat, three stories, and more than 2,100 square feet of open concept living. The DeBards had three main criteria for selecting design elements for their home: space saving, energy saving, or “we just like it.” As avid cooks, the DeBards love the wide open kitchen with stunning views of the Olympic mountains. Like many people who set out to build a new home, the DeBards had some concerns when hiring a builder. They wanted to feel confident hiring a builder that they could trust, that would build a quality home, and that was experienced and reputable. They describe their experience with Estes as “pain-free,” especially compared to friends who were building custom homes with different builders at the same time. “We saw what they went through and we didn’t have to go through any of that… If I built another house I would use Estes again. It’s as simple as that. I know what I am going to get, I’m going to get what I want.” We loved being a part of the DeBards story and designing and building their new home. Ready to begin your own Estes story? Contact us today to schedule a FREE Project Analysis. ]]>