Building a Custom Home: 3 Reasons to Choose Estes Builders

March 7, 2018

Building a custom home? Need to find the right builder, but not sure where to start? Here are three reasons why Estes Builders has earned a reputation as Western Washington’s most trusted custom home builder.

Award-Winning Process

You probably know that in the restaurant business there is something known as the Michelin star. Restaurants have to go through an incredibly rigorous process to be awarded even one Michelin star and very few restaurants ever achieve recognition of this elite level of excellence. Well, the building industry has a similar way of recognizing excellence. It’s called the National Housing Quality Gold award. Like a Michelin star, it’s an incredibly rigorous process in which industry leaders audit every detail of a builder’s business. Estes Builders is the only builder in the Pacific Northwest to have received the National Housing Quality Gold award. And we received it twice. (We’re not typically ones to brag but if you owned a restaurant and had earned a Michelin star, you’d brag too, right?)

Fixed-Price Guarantee

We all know someone who built a custom home and the whole thing went way over budget and was a complete nightmare, right? Yeah, we hear those stories all the time, too. But not from our customers. That’s because as part of our award-winning process, we actually guarantee that your home will be completed for the price we give you before we begin construction. Here’s why that matters: Typically the design and build process can take anywhere from nine to twelve months (or longer). During that time the market can experience lots of price fluctuations. Everything from lumber shortages to labor shortages to the price of gas for material delivery. The list goes on and on. Our Fixed Price Guarantee means that we absorb any price fluctuations during the construction of your home without passing them on to you. Instead of putting you in the position of assuming that risk, we do it for you. Pretty cool, right?

Full Service Team

Now you might be wondering, “How can they do that? How can they make that guarantee?” One of the ways we avoid cost and completion overruns is that we have an entire in-house team working together. You’ll never have the headaches of trying to coordinate between your architect and your construction foreman or trying to navigate scheduling the clearing of your lot and the start of your construction. Our team works together seamlessly so you have less work, period. Find out what we can do for you. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary Project Analysis. ]]>