Thinking of Going Green in Your Next Home?

May 26, 2015

and Built Green certified homes. It’s our guiding principle. Green building is not just about energy efficiency and sustainability. Green building demands attention to detail and repays the effort with a long service life. There are a lot of reasons why you may choose to build green homes. Here are our favorites:

1. Energy Efficiency

Homes built with energy efficient materials and appliances will provide relief on your utility bills as well as a tax credit in some cases. For example, choosing energy efficient glass for your windows can prevent leaks, and the right roofing materials can lower your roof temperature by up to 50°F.

2. Minimize Waste

Did you know that 40% of landfill volume is from construction waste? We don’t want to be a part of that! Instead, we manage your building process to avoid redundancy and waste.

3. High Quality Materials

We choose the right materials the first time around. We have built smart homes since 1989. In these 26 years, we’ve learned how to select high quality, low energy materials to make your dream home a reality.

4. Water Efficiency

We love energy efficiency, but it doesn’t stop there. Our homes minimize water demands with WaterSense rated plumbing fixtures. For example, we install low-flow showerheads that function like full blast models. Take a longer shower and use less water. How fabulous!

5. Attention to Detail

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you need to consider rain gutters. We install gutters that lengthen the life of your siding. Our choice siding is carefully designed to prevent water from running down your walls and damaging your siding. Are you interested in building green for your dream home? Our knowledgeable team can uncover many green homes options you may have not considered and instruct you on how this not only helps the environment but your life and budget as well. Click here to chat with us live right now.     Estes Builders is an award-winning design build firm that specializes in custom homes in Western Washington. We have earned more than 130 customer testimonials and a reputation as Western Washington’s most trusted custom home builder. We build custom homes in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Orchard and surrounding areas. Contact us for a FREE Project Analysis to discuss your project.]]>