Custom Home Bathroom Design Ideas (With a View)

September 20, 2017

They say that life is just different up here in the Pacific Northwest. We happily agree. But the fresh air, the stunning water views and the majestic mountains don’t just make life different here. They also make designing every room in your custom home a completely unique experience. Take your custom home master bathroom for example. In other parts of the country, this might be a closed in space with minimal windows to protect your privacy. In the Pacific Northwest, your master bathroom can be a room with big windows and a grandiose backdrop of some of Mother Nature’s most impressive works. Building a custom home in the Pacific Northwest could force you to rethink everything you ever thought about master bathroom design. Here are a few examples from homes we’ve built for Estes Builders Customers to show you want we mean.

Corner Views

Find a piece of land carved into a hillside with a panoramic view, like this wide open water view, and all your worries about privacy go out the window. Corner spots like this one for a soaking or jetted tub are very popular among our customers (and it’s easy to see why).

Country Views

You don’t need land on a hillside to get a great view and create your own private sanctuary. Choose a lot with lots of acreage and you can design your custom home bathroom with a corner view that feels like it goes on forever. When you design and build your home with us you’ll work directly with our architect and our construction team so you can design how your home maximizes views and open spaces.

Water Views

And speaking of rethinking master bathroom design, we love this right-on-the-water view of a home that we recently completed in Sequim. The dual sinks in this master suite that overlook a private pier and Sequim Bay almost give this home the feeling of being on a houseboat. What do you envision for your own master bathroom in your dream home? Schedule a free Project Analysis today and talk through your ideas with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members. Learn more about our award-winning building process and how our Fixed Price Guarantee gives you complete peace of mind. Request a free Project Analysis today. ]]>