Custom Home Builder Video Testimonial: Meet Debbie

August 10, 2017

Imagining owning an amazing piece of property but then waiting decades before you build on it. That’s Debbie’s story. Debbie purchased a stunning waterfront property 20 years ago. After entering retirement, she set her sights on building the home of her dreams. We recently had the pleasure of building her beautiful, modern home in Port Angeles. It’s a home that offers sweeping views of the Vancouver Island, Ediz Hook, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Hurricane Ridge- the exact vista that Debbie was hoping for when she first purchased the property decades before. A tall order? Absolutely. But was it worth it? Here’s what the proud homeowner had to say about her new home: “My house is magnificent!” She beamed. Indeed it is. Her 2,000 square foot home features an open concept living, kitchen, and dining space. The floor to ceiling windows maximize the incredible panoramic views, and her home also has plenty of outdoor space for quiet contemplation. “I decided to build here in Port Angeles because I thought it would be a great place to live and found the property about 20 years ago.” When asked about her favorite feature, Debbie couldn’t choose just one. “I have many features in this home that I’m quite excited about.” One of this home’s many showstoppers is the double-sided, floor to ceiling fireplace. Why enjoy the fireplace in only the living room when you can have access to it in the kitchen as you cook and entertain? Another must-have was her corner tub. “I had to have a tub that overlooked the Strait of Juan de Fuca so I could see the sunset.” In fact, we based the entire design of the home from the master bathroom tub! It’s one of the best views in the home– but certainly not the only one. We wanted to take advantage of the many viewing opportunities from this waterfront property, including the Olympic Mountain range that Debbie can view while washing dishes in the kitchen. To do this, we used several computer models with elevations to position the home, especially the locations of the living room and kitchen. We also made numerous site visits to determine the best views. We carefully choose the type of window, the window location, and roof structure to create a contemporary home style that Debbie always dreamed about. Why did Debbie choose Estes? “When I was choosing a builder, I talked to the locals here in the neighborhood,” she shared. “What brought me to Estes was the quality and the reputation that Estes had in terms of having a good quality home.” Are you ready to build your own dream home? Request a free Project Analysis. ]]>

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