Designing a Home for Active Retirement in Washington

April 26, 2016

It’s finally your moment. You’re free to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone you want to be. After years of hard work and trying to wear too many hats at the same time, you’re in the driver’s seat. Picture yourself waking up to breathtaking views in one of the world’s most stunning locations: the Pacific Northwest. A beacon for savvy retirees, this corner of the country offers a mild climate with four distinct seasons, clean air and water, a thriving cultural scene, excellent quality of life, and much more. We’ve been privileged to build a number of stunning homes for active retirees in this beautiful area. If you’re searching for a custom home builder, talk to the Estes Builders team about your vision. Our staff architect and design team will simplify the process of building your custom home on time and within budget…because life has given you enough “surprises” on the way here. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in the custom home design process.

Purposeful Design

Dreaming of a modern personal library with natural lighting? Ready to set up your piano in a space where you’ll want to practice? Want a mudroom that doubles as a fish cleaning station just off the dock? Whatever you want to focus on, Estes Builders can help. We design every inch of your custom home with your lifestyle and needs in mind. Each room serves a purpose, so you’ll no longer find yourself dusting a dining room that you don’t want or use. With intelligent design features and environmentally responsible building practices, we’ll create a home that you love. [action]

Easy to Manage

Who wants to waste their retirement doing detailed home upkeep? Those years are over. Your custom home builder should design an easy to maintain space that you love. After all, going home after a long day of hitting the links or volunteering at the humane society should be relaxing. The last thing you want to do is come home to a high maintenance home full of to dos. Our team understands that retirement may turn out to be even busier than your working days, depending on your interests and pursuits. We’ll help you create a high quality and low maintenance home that gives you time to enjoy the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Adventure is Calling

Between the temperate climate and world class outdoor offerings, the Pacific Northwest offers a fantastic base camp for all of your adventures. From designing a garage big enough for your boat or RV to building a workshop or hobby room centered around your interests, Estes Builders can create the custom home you’ve been waiting for. We can also make sure that there’s plenty of smart storage space for all of your bikes, fishing poles, golf clubs, and other outdoor gear. With a custom build, you can place your new home wherever you want. If you’re a water person, that could mean you’d like to be right next to the lake so you can wake up and go fishing or kayaking each morning. If you’re into gardening, maybe having a yard that provides you with a blank canvas for landscaping is more important to you. Building your dream home is possible!

The Time is Now

Ready to be the cool grandparents that everyone wants to visit? Talk to a custom home builder about your retirement home today. Schedule your free Project Analysis and start making your dreams a reality. Estes Builders is an award-winning design build firm that specializes in custom homes in Western Washington. We have earned more than 130 customer testimonials and a reputation as Western Washington’s most trusted custom home builder. We build custom homes in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Orchard and surrounding areas. Contact us for a FREE Project Analysis to discuss your project.]]>