Downsize Your Home, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: How to Embrace Minimalism in Comfort

October 11, 2017

Thinking of downsizing your home to embrace a more minimalist mindset? When you consider the multiple benefits of downsizing, the idea is certainly alluring. Minimalism is a natural response to a life that’s weighed down by unnecessary clutter. Getting rid of extra stuff can free you up to live the life that you’ve always wanted. However, before you can truly downsize, you’ll need to answer the gnawing question in the back of your mind: Can you truly be comfortable with less? Spoiler alert: You can! You don’t have to compromise on comfort when you reduce your square footage. You can build a custom home that better suits your needs (while affirming your minimalism). Let’s discuss some of the wonderful benefits of downsizing your home, and then how to incorporate a minimalist mindset in your new home.

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

One of the most obvious benefits to downsizing is that you’ll save more money. You’ll save on utilities, property taxes, insurance, and even furniture. With all the money you save, you’ll be able to invest in your future, including contributing to your retirement fund. Of course, you’ll also have more money for now, including more vacations, more availability to help friends and family, and more to contribute to meaningful causes that are close to your heart. Another benefit is the reduction in stress. Visual clutter is distracting and can lead to chronic stress. But clutter isn’t the only culprit. The bigger your home, the more time and effort you’ll spend in cleaning it. This physical and mental stress can rob you of the peaceful moments you should have in your home. A bonus benefit of downsizing your home is that you’ll be able to upgrade your property location. Sometimes, living in a bigger house means that you’ve settled for a plot of land that doesn’t have a great view or a desirable location. By investing more into your land and less into your building, you can live in a spot that you’ve always dreamed about.

How to Downsize Your Home Without Downsizing Your Lifestyle

Here’s what to keep in mind when downsizing a home: Focus on the Location Location is always important, but it becomes even more important for those who are downsizing. Your location should serve as another amenity of your home. For example, you may choose a spot that’s close to your favorite activities or an ideal school district. Also, keep in mind that with a minimalist mindset, your decor will have less art on the walls, so the view becomes part of your home’s living art. Your windows will act as art frames, and you should definitely choose a location that’s worthy of the view. Start Reducing Your Stuff Now Don’t wait until the week, or even month, before your move to start downsizing your lifestyle. Ease into your minimalism by getting rid of things now and as you go. Incorporate that mentality into your everyday life. This is how you’ll remain a minimalist. Think About Your New Home’s Functionality Where will your treasured belongings go in your downsized home? Will you utilize built-ins to reduce the need to buy more furniture and clutter the space? In a minimalist house, there’s a designated home for everything: your clothes, your equipment, your appliances, and the things that bring you joy. Make a plan for these items now so that you don’t bring unnecessary clutter into your next home. Are you ready to start designing your minimalist home? Request your free project analysis here. ]]>