Custom Home Builder Review: Meet Buddy and Estelle

March 15, 2017

What’s better than getting a dream house? Getting to build your dream house— the one that represents your unique vision. You’ve spent your entire life imagining the perfect home. So why should you try to stuff a lifetime of your own dreams into a home that’s pre-built on someone else’s vision? Today we visit with Buddy and Estelle — a lovely couple with a very specific and unique vision for their dream home. See what Buddy and Estelle had to say about designing and building their one-of-a-kind dream home with Estes Builders: When Buddy and Estelle first came to us, their biggest worry was whether we’d be able to translate their vision into their dream home— a home that didn’t look like a home. “[When you ask] what’s your worst fear? What keeps you awake at night?” Buddy muses, “Estelle said, ‘I’m afraid it’s going to look like a house.’” Estelle chimes in, “What we wanted wasn’t a typical house. It was something more contemporary.” That’s when they came to Estes Builders to find out if we could design and build a home that for their unique tastes. “It was very clear very quickly that we were really going to be listened to and taken seriously. And it wasn’t that they were going to try and give us their product… They really wanted to listen and make the house that we wanted.” She continues, “We not only got our dream house, we got our dream house better.”

Working With a Team

For Buddy and Estelle, working closely with a team was one of the best parts of the building process. “Working with an architect is amazing because the architect was part of the team. It wasn’t like a one-on-one thing we were doing with the architect. The architect was right there at the table with the builder. “So for every idea that we tossed out and the architect expanded on it, the builder was right there to tell us what the budgetary implications would be, whether it was possible structurally, and so the whole process was more effective and more efficient for that reason.”

Building at Distance

Estelle explains one of the biggest difficulties they faced when building their dream home. “We were building at distance. We were in Hawaii while the home was being built!” For Buddy and Estelle, communication and experience were among the most positive aspects of working with Estes Builders. “We needed a company that had experience with building with homeowners at distance and we needed a communication system that was absolutely going to work,” Estelle says. “It was very clear from the very first that Estes Builders invests in and practices what they preach around communication.”

Do You Recommend Estes Builders?

“I don’t recommend Estes to my friends who are in the middle of a building process with someone else,” Estelle says, tongue-in-cheek, “because the contrast between my experience and theirs is really unkind.” Buddy says with a laugh, “It makes them sick to their stomach!” “Ours really has been a joyful process,” Estelle says with a smile. “It was fun! And who would’ve thought it’d be fun?” We had fun, too, Estelle and Buddy. Thank you for trusting us to build your unique dream home. Are you ready to design and build your unique dream home in 2017? Getting started is easy: Go here to request a free Project Analysis. ]]>