Spa-Inspired Master Bath: Custom Home Design Trends

December 19, 2018

Trends come and go, but one custom home design trend that is here to stay is recreating the experience of a spa in the master bath. And why not? Who said pampering in your own spa-inspired master bath can’t be an everyday essential? (Certainly not us!) The good news is that creating a spa-like master bath doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can create a master bath with the feel of your favorite spa with just a few must-have items. Here’s a list of the most popular features of a decadent master suite from Estes Builders customers.

Shower Heads

It’s so simple, right? A shower head? But trust us when we say that you will want to take your shower head very seriously if you want to recreate a spa-like master bath experience at home. Rain shower heads are a popular choice, especially with additional hand-held attachment. (Add a skylight above your shower for an open air feel.)

Open Shower

Let’s face it – it’s hard to feel like you’re luxuriating at a spa when you’re busy scrubbing that nasty film off the glass in your shower. Ick. Many years ago the frameless shower doors added luxury and simplicity to the bathroom but these days some homeowners are saying buh-bye to filmy residue and ditching the glass altogether. Showers with a partial enclosure (or none at all) are becoming more and more popular for design and ease of maintenance. See more open shower ideas >>

Separate Soaking Tub (Preferably with a View)

Designing the Perfect Floor Plan There’s nothing like soaking in a bubble bath while overlooking water, mountains, or an open pasture to make you feel like you are truly getting away from it all (if only for a short time). An extra large soaking tub next to picture windows (with or without bubbly jets) is the perfect treat after a long day of hiking or bike riding or fishing or kayaking. What are the must-have features for the spa-inspired master bath of your dream home? Schedule a Project Analysis with a Custom Home Consultant and we can answer your general questions about design, budget, and more so you can plan you custom home with confidence. Schedule a Project Analysis. ]]>