Why Remote Tech Workers Should Consider Puget Sound

Has your job gone remote? There's much to love about a move to the Pacific Northwest.

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March 3, 2021

As more and more companies allow working from home, employees are finding themselves with tremendous opportunities to live where they want to, not where their career dictates.

The Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas are a fantastic option to consider—all of the beauty of the Puget Sound region but without the costs and bustle of the city.

Lower Cost of Living

The Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas offer proximity to the tech industry in Seattle—as little as 30 minutes by ferry—but with a lower cost of living versus both Seattle itself and major tech hubs around the country. Here’s how a few towns stack up, according to Best Places:

  • Poulsbo, Wash., has a 73.2% lower cost of living than Palo Alto, Calif.; 41.3% lower than San Francisco and San Jose; 9.3% lower than Reston, Va.; and 26.9% lower than Seattle.
  • Port Orchard, Wash., has a 75.8% lower cost of living than Palo Alto; 57.7% lower than San Francisco; 46.9% lower than San Jose; 17.9% lower than Reston; and 33.8% lower than Seattle.
  • Sequim, Wash., has a 76.5% lower cost of living than Palo Alto; 58.8% lower than San Francisco; 48.3% lower than San Jose; 20.2% lower than Reston; and 35.6% lower than Seattle.

Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle

Cost savings is only one part of the story. Life in Western Puget Sound offers a number of lifestyle benefits, including:

  • Outdoor activities: You don’t have to decide between water and mountains here. Bag an Olympic hike for sunrise then paddle out for a late-afternoon kayak trip. You may just catch a glimpse at a mountain goat or harbor seal along the way.
  • Delicious eats: From local Penn Cove mussels and Dabob Bay oysters to numerous farm-to-table options, the foodie scene rivals anything you can find downtown.
  • Family friendly: Don’t let the rainy reputation fool you. Outdoor festivals and events abound year-round, with a little something for every age group.

See more of what makes the area special here.

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