100+ Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

January 24, 2019

Need some fresh inspiration to design a dream kitchen for your custom home? We’ve collected more than 100 design ideas to help. From farmhouse chic to sleek and modern (and everything in between), these ideas are sure to inspire your own design vision. 

1. Top 10 Kitchen Photos of 2018 (Houzz) 

This recent article from Houzz compiles users’ favorite kitchen photos of the year.  . From rustic to industrial, London to Minnesota, these kitchens offer a bounty of design inspiration for fixtures, flooring, tile, and more. (It’s also a great way to see what’s trending for 2019.) 

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2. 100+ Great Kitchen Design Ideas (Elle Decor) 

Grab a cup of coffee and plan to stay for a while with this beautiful collection of ideas from Elle Decor. Learn the difference between an English kitchen and a French kitchen, browse stunning kitchen islands, discover fun and funky tile backsplash ideas, and more.  

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3. How to Design Your Kitchen Like a Star Chef (Architectural Digest)

What do top chefs look for in their own home kitchen? In this article from Architectural Digest, designer Stephanie Goto shares her secrets for creating kitchens that meet the exacting standards of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. Stephanie has designed kitchens for both home use and Michelin-starred restaurants, and she spills her secrets for creating spaces that perform as great as they look.  

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