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A great reputation isn’t built over-night. We’ve been building in Western Washington since 1989 and many of our employees have been here 20 years or more. Many of our trade partners have worked with us for 20 years or more. Much of our business comes from happy clients and their happy neighbors, or members of the communities in the areas we serve.

High-quality construction is our standard, as are clean and professional job sites, and having respect for the surroundings in which we’re building. When you build a home with Estes Builders, you’ll know we don’t compromise on our standards to make the numbers work. We deliver solid homes that are well insulated, environmentally friendly, and constructed for longevity.

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01 Delivered On-Budget


Before the first scoop of dirt is dug or any product is ordered, we send your entire set of approved plans and specifications to our purchasing manager for a rigorous bidding process. The trade contractors respond and your construction budget is finalized. There shouldn’t be any surprises as you’ve been receiving cost updates throughout the design phase of your project. If everything looks as expected based on your target budget, you lock in a guaranteed fixed price when you sign a building agreement. Then we schedule the trade contractors, begin ordering product, and start digging. And you start packing.

Dedicated Client Liaison

During the building phase of your project, you’ll have a dedicated client liaison to coordinate on-site visits, answer all of your questions, and serve as your interface to the project construction manager and trades during your build. This same person will be your completed home services manager taking you from key delivery through your warranty phase.

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Frequent, Documented Communication

Throughout the custom home process, we’ll utilize the online system for all communication. Your design consultant will message you here, as will your liaison and your finance contact. This ensures everyone on the team knows what’s going on and when, and helps us keep messages organized in a single, centralized location.



High-Quality Standards

Nobody wants to hear the laundry running while watching TV in the living room. Nobody likes the floors squeaking when they’re sleeplessly wandering the house in the middle of the night. Some builders may cut corners, but we won’t compromise on our quality standards. For your custom home, you shouldn’t either.

Cost-Plus v. Fixed Cost

When you’re starting a custom home project you want to get the most value for your money. A cost-plus estimate may provide an attractive number, but there is no incentive for the builder to ensure that cost is what you pay. As you make your selections and design your plan, costs can quickly inflate to far more than your target budget. With multiple budget updates throughout the design process and a guaranteed fixed cost building agreement, you’re in the driver’s seat. We won’t start building or ordering product until you’re sure your design and selections are at a price you feel comfortable with. That gives you peace of mind and creates a drama free custom home.