11 Home Design Trends for 2024

A Deep Dive into Next Year's Most Anticipated Trends

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November 1, 2023

Thinking about bringing your dream home to life in 2024? Selecting design elements and products is always a balance of what you like, what’s on trend, and what will stand the test of time.  

What’s popular in the Pacific Northwest and the Salish Sea as we transition to a new year? Here’s a look at what we’re seeing in our newest homes and designs. 


Dynamic Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are of course a perennial must-have for home buyers, but they’re also getting more and more interesting in looks and functionality. We’re seeing demand for decorative elements that lend a furniture feel as well as for blending materials like quartz and wood. And having enough space—and outlets—for homework, entertaining, and baking is a given.


Custom Range Hoods

Buyers are seeking range hoods that feel more handcrafted and are built into the wall, similar to fireplaces. This isn’t like the huge hoods of the early 2000s, though, when we saw lots of molding or ornate decoration. Today’s custom range hoods feel much more minimal, natural, and organic. 


Contrasting Cabinetry

This trend has been growing for the past several years, blending two different-yet-coordinated colors around the kitchen. We’re seeing it in one of two ways: with the main cabinets in one color and the island cabinets in another, or two different hues for the upper and lower cabinets.

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Large Format Tiles and Slabs in the Bathroom

Another trend that continues to come on strong is the preference for large-format porcelain tiles or even full slabs, rather than smaller tiles. Not only do the larger tiles lend a more high-end, luxury feel, they help eliminate much of the grout requires meticulous cleaning. 


Warm Metal Finishes

The penchant for shiny chrome or even satin nickel is starting to fade in favor of warm metals like oil-rubbed bronze—finishes that feel almost black but have a patina and richness that evokes living history or a feeling of coziness.


All Showers, All the Time

Though soaking tubs remain popular, many buyers are opting out of tubs entirely for the primary bathroom, saving space for larger, roomier showers that get used more often. (Keep in mind that a bathtub is still recommended for a guest bathroom, to preserve resale value for future buyers with families.)


Custom Shower Niches

Speaking of showers, built-in niches are not only popular, but are evolving. Rather than a small square, buyers are gravitating toward wall-length niches that give more flexibility and space for storing toiletries while looking more intentional and architectural. Having a foot ledge for shaving is on many women’s wish lists, too.


Fewer Recessed Lights

After years of an overabundance of recessed lighting, buyers are pulling back a bit, using fewer can lights while incorporating a greater variety of task lighting and other fixtures that can be used to create a mood. The availability of programmable lighting is helping to fuel this trend, as well.


Large Windows

Not surprisingly, demand for larger, more expansive windows that let in natural light and provide unobstructed views remains strong. For buyers in the Pacific Northwest, these seamless connections—both visually and physically—are crucial to maximizing the benefit of our beautiful surroundings.

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Landscape Considerations

More of our buyers are considering, during the design stages, how they will landscape after their homes are complete, in part to foster connections with nature. For instance, creating a corridor with windows on either side to bring in views of outdoor flower beds. Another client incorporated concrete planters that continue from exterior to interior.  


Outdoor Living

Not surprisingly, outdoor living remains strong, even in the Pacific Northwest. We’re seeing trends toward patios rather than decks, though that decision is often sitespecific. Large outdoor spaces with overhangs, skylights, heaters, and lighting ensure they can be used well into the darker and wetter seasons. (For ideas, check out our recent blog post on outdoor living ideas for the PNW.)

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