Are You the Right Customer for Us?

July 4, 2018

We know, it sounds a bit sassy. But the truth is that just as there is an ideal custom home builder for you there is also an ideal custom home customer for us. And, like you, we’d rather know that upfront to save us both a lot of time and hassle and headaches later. Because there is no price or timeframe or process that will ever be “just right” if the fit is “all wrong.” So we thought we’d just get it all out on the table right from the start. Here are a few signs that we might be a great match.

You’re Kinda Fussy…

We will be really upfront and tell you that we are not the cheapest custom home builder out there. We are committed to exceptional quality in every inch of every home we build and that means that we don’t sub work out to the cheapest labor or buy the cheapest materials. We’re pretty fussy about the details (ok, really fussy) and we’re ok that you are, too.

…But Not Too Fancy

Love the idea of a solid gold bathtub or woodwork shipped in from a 13th century Italian monastery? It sounds amazing (and we definitely want to be invited to that housewarming party) but we’re probably not the best fit as your design build firm. We focus on local, sustainable materials whenever possible to minimize costs and carbon footprint. While we’re happy to hunt down the perfect garage door (we’ve definitely done that) or source the latest high tech toilet (we won’t ask), our focus is on smart design that is good for your budget, good for the environment, and good for keeping your home on schedule.   Think that sounds like you? If so, let’s talk. We’d love to know your vision for your dream home and share how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free Project Analysis. ]]>