Building a Custom Home: 3 Reasons to Attend a Muddy Boot Tour

May 10, 2017

We’ve all seen the photos of the perfect custom homes on Houzz or Pinterest or even in our favorite magazine. Impeccably decorated, these homes are often what inspire us to design and build a custom home in the first place. But designing a custom home – one that you will love as much in 20 years as you do when you first move in – well, that requires more that pretty decor. It requires a home with a beauty that goes more than skin deep. That’s because how much you enjoy your home in the years ahead is based as much on what you can’t see as what you can. And that’s why our Muddy Boot tours are a smart way to find out more about what makes an Estes Builders home stand the test of time. During the Muddy Boot tour you’ll see a home that’s currently under construction for an actual Estes Builders customer. It’s your chance to find out what goes on “behind the walls,” why we are so meticulous about the small stuff, and what that means for you. Here are three more reasons to attend a Muddy Boot Tour.

1. Get Ideas and Inspiration

No two Estes Builders homes are ever the same. Each customer designs their home based on their wants, needs, lifestyle and budget. During a Muddy Boot tour you can see lots of fun and practical design ideas that you may have never thought of before.

2. Talk to the Experts

Our Muddy Boot tours are the perfect time to talk to our team of experts about your own custom home project. It’s a no-pressure environment where you can find out more about what we do, where we build, and our award-winning design build process.

3. Compare Builders

Quality is word that’s thrown around a lot these days. We believe that quality is not just a word, but something you can see and touch. During our Muddy Boot tour you’ll be able to see “behind the walls” and learn what we do differently to create high quality homes that have earned us more than 130 positive customer testimonials. Live Chat with us to find out more about upcoming Muddy Boot tour or schedule a free Project Analysis to talk to our team about your own custom home project. ]]>