How to Create Your Custom Home Design Wish List

January 2, 2019

Overwhelmed by the thought of designing and building your custom home? We get it. At Estes Builders we can build almost any home you can imagine. But when anything is possible, where do you start?

We’ve made it easy (and fun) to get started with a simple 3-step plan to create your custom home design wish list. Here’s how.

Custom waterfront home with fireplace in Western Washington

1. Think Big. REALLY Big.

This is the time to toss practicality out the window and let your imagination run wild (don’t worry, we’ll add practicality back in later). Think of every possible feature you would love to see in your dream home. Maybe it’s cathedral ceilings or a wood-paneled den with fireplace or a private mother-in-law suite. Perhaps it’s heated floors or a butler’s pantry or a music room with views of the water. This is your dream home, so dream big!

2. Organize and Prioritize

Next, pull out a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. In the first column, write everything that is non-negotiable in your dream home. These are your “must haves.” Maybe it’s a kitchen with an island big enough to seat six or a home with accessibility for aging in place. 

In the next column, write down everything that you would really like to have but you could live without if you had to. These are your “nice to haves.” Maybe this is a fireplace in the bedroom, a high-end appliance package in the kitchen, or an extra bedroom.

In the last column, write down all of the features that you would include in your home if you could have anything you wanted (and we mean anything). These might include an elevator, a five-car garage, or a recording studio. 

3. Talk with an Expert

Once you have some ideas down on paper, the next step is to schedule a discovery meeting (also known as a Project Analysis). During your discovery meeting, you’ll sit down with our Custom Home Advisor who will talk through your ideas with you and help you understand how your wish list will impact your budget and timeline.  

So what’s on your wish list for your dream home? Create your own list and then schedule a Project Analysis in person or by video. 

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