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4 Things To Know About Building a Home in a Desirable Location

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May 23, 2024

Whether you love the outdoors, dream of living on the water, or simply want to enjoy the fruits of the land, the Puget Sound region offers some of the state’s—and the country’s—most desirable areas to live. In fact, Estes Builders is proud to build in four of the 11 small town’s recently named to Travel+Leisure magazine’s “Best Small Towns in Washington”: Sequim, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, and Gig Harbor.

These and other towns in the area frequently land on similar types of lists—and for good reason. Whether it’s the proximity to the Salish Sea and the Olympic National Forest, healthy and diverse employment opportunities, active lifestyles and engaged communities, or access to some of the freshest foods, the list is long.

But while living in sought-after places is the dream for many of us, it also brings up its share of challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider building your dream home in a highly desirable place.


1. Land is expensive:

It’s no secret, the Puget Sound’s popularity has sent prices for new homes, existing homes, and land skyrocketing. And it’s not likely to slow down. It may be tempting to try to wait it out, but chances are you might just be putting off building your dream home while risking prices continuing to rise. (Tempted to try to “time” the real estate market? Read this first.)

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2. Land often comes with a lot of restrictions:

One of the reasons towns around Puget Sound and Washington state itself are so beautiful is because the government does a lot to protect the land and trees, the wildlife, the industries that depend on natural resources, and even homes’ individual views. For home buyers, that means your property may come with tight requirements for setbacks, buildable area, stormwater retention, building height, and more. Working with a design/build company like Estes is crucial for helping to navigate these issues before you buy your property or creating a design that works around those challenges. (Learn more about buying property here.)

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3. Buying property can get competitive:

With interest in the region climbing, good parcels of land don’t last. Ideally, connect with a custom builder before you buy and have your finances in order, and then be ready to make an offer when you and the builder determine a property is the right fit for your needs.

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4. Materials can be harder to procure:

An active construction market means busy builders and busy suppliers. And some of our area’s most desirable spots are more remote (or high up a mountain road), which sometimes makes it more difficult to get materials or get them delivered. Working with a builder like Estes, which offers a Guaranteed Fixed Price, can help give you peace of mind that the material prices you are quoted are what you’ll pay, regardless of delays.

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