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Living in Desirable Locations

May 23th, 2024 Living in Desirable Locations

Whether you love the outdoors, dream of living on the water, or simply want to enjoy the fruits of the land, the Puget Sound region offers some of the state’s—and the country’s—most desirable areas to live. In fact, Estes Builders is proud to build in four of the 11 small town’s recently named to Travel+Leisure […]

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Timing the Real Estate Market

Mar 26th, 2024 Timing the Real Estate Market

In this era of economic uncertainty, it’s common to wonder when is the best time to buy a home. Should you wait for mortgage rates to drop? Should you pounce on an available property? The question isn’t always a simple yes or no and has many factors to consider. But when it comes to building […]

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Should You Consider a Tear-Down Home?

Dec 21th, 2023 Should You Consider a Tear-Down Home?

Picture it: You’ve found the perfect property. Perhaps it has beautiful views or a forest backdrop. Or maybe it’s walking distance into town. Unfortunately, this perfect parcel comes with an imperfect house, one that’s too dated or completely unfit for today’s lifestyles. What do you do? Should you undergo an extensive remodel? Or is it […]

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6 Ways to Trim Your Custom Home Budget

Sep 25th, 2023 6 Ways to Trim Your Custom Home Budget

Working with a custom builder is the opportunity to build the home of your dreams—to get nearly every inch of the design, every product decision, ever style choice precisely to your liking. That freedom does come at a cost, however, and wish lists and budgets can balloon quickly. Here are a few tips to help […]

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