[Video] Custom Home Builder Review: From a Bubble Sketch to Reality

January 5, 2017

See what they had to say about their experience with Estes Builders. Like many of our customers, building a custom home was all new for the Torgesens. “I had no idea what we were getting into,” said Mrs. Torgesen, who admits she didn’t understand a lot of the building process at first. “We literally started with a blank piece of paper.” Mr. Torgesen agrees, saying, “On the second day we were there we just drew circles where we wanted rooms.” From these simple beginnings, the Torgesens worked with our team until they had a fully realized vision. The Torgesens had several things on their wish list, like solid wood windows, that the team worked with them to incorporate into the final design. The team even researched and found a specific garage door that the Torgesens saw in another state. Once construction began the Torgesens found that every problem, question and request was handled promptly, sometimes even on the same day. “Every time we had a question you responded, and very quickly too,” said Mrs. Torgesen of working with the Estes Builders team. On behalf of the entire Estes Builders team, we’d like to thank the Torgesens for the honor of building your new dream home. Are you ready for a new chapter? Contact us to find out more about how to schedule your own free Project Analysis. ]]>

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