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Estes Online Management System

This web-based portal provides a level of flexibility and convenience that was unheard of in the days of paper documents and phone tag. It helps eliminate stress and surprises by easing the selection process, smoothing communication and ensuring that you know what’s happening at any moment in the project.

When you build with us, the portal will give you 24/7 access to:

  • Schedules. Go online at any time to see all the key milestones of the design and construction process, as well as where the home is in that process. The scheduling feature also tells you what you will need to sign off on next. You will never be in the dark about what’s happening with your home.
  • Photos. This regularly updated section shows photos of the home at various stages of construction. Photos are easily shared with family and friends and are formatted for use on your Facebook page.
  • Communications. This where you can ask us questions without having to pick up the phone. We strive to answer within one business day. All your questions and our responses are in one organized spot.
  • Selections. See all the product specifications for your home, as well as a list of the products you have selected to date. The system also eases the process of selecting new products. Say, for instance, that we have narrowed the garage door choice to two models. We will post photos, links to the manufacturers and pricing for each. You can make the choice online or communicate with us for more information before doing so.
  • Reminders. The system sends important reminders at key stages of the project. These range from advance notices of upcoming meetings to suggestions on how to prepare to make color selections. We even tell you when it’s time to measure for window coverings.


We designed the online portal for convenience and ease of use. You can access it with a computer web browser or via a smartphone app. And you will have access to it for a full year after moving into your new home, ensuring that you get the same quick response for any additional service requests.

The system also includes features you don’t see, but that are just as important to your satisfaction. For instance we are able to track all of the thousands of parts and pieces that go into the home, and see immediately which ones have and haven’t been completed. We also use the system to communicate with and schedule our trade contractors, ensuring that the right trade is on the job with the right products at the right time. And because the plans and specifications are online, there’s never any worry about not having the current version at our fingertips.

The bottom line is that it makes us better project managers, which in turn helps us keep our promise of no surprises and no delays. The benefit to you is peace of mind.