Custom Home Budget Basics: What $350 Price Per Square Foot Will Get You

April 25, 2018

In this custom home Budget Basics series we’re looking at examples of custom homes at four different prices per square foot: $250, $300, $350 and $400. In this third installment of the series we’ll take you behind the scenes and let you know what design features are most popular with customers with a budget of around $350 per square foot so can get design ideas for your own custom home. (Each post in this series is simply a guideline. You can always move more dollars around in your budget to make a certain item “fit,” but these examples assume no compromises need to be made.)


For our customers in this price point who love to cook and entertain it’s all about the kitchen. These are usually larger kitchens with plenty of prep space (and even a second prep sink) where the whole family can gather. Custom cabinets, island cooktops, and granite counters are also popular choices to make the kitchen a real show stopper.

Master Bath

With a budget of $350 per square foot you can add features that make your master bathroom feel like your favorite spa retreat. Some popular features include a sauna, an oversized shower with frameless glass, and even a freestanding tub.

Interior Features

With a budget of $350 per square foot you can think big big about the little details that make your house feel like home. Customers in this price range are more likely to include custom wood frame windows, high-end hardwood flooring, and custom interior masonry in their design. Need a little added convenience? One recent customer even installed an elevator!

Exterior Features

Love adventure? Some of our customers in the $350 per square foot range have opted for a garage with boat or RV storage. Although this addition can vary in price, in this price range you can include a standard storage area for your favorite recreational vehicle. Another popular feature for grill masters is a full outdoor kitchen area. What is the right budget for your dream home based on the features that are most important to you? We have an entire team of experts to help you through each stage of the process including budget, design and building your dream home. In fact, our award-winning process has earned us more than 130 positive customer reviews! Schedule a complimentary Project Analysis today to meet with a custom home expert so you can plan your custom home budget with confidence. ]]>