Getting What You Want in an Expensive Market

How to Get What You Want in an Expensive Housing Market

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August 31, 2022

From high material prices to rising mortgage rates, it’s certainly a challenging time to buy and build homes. But while it might be tempting to put your dream home on hold, waiting isn’t always the best option. Instead, consider strategies that can help you get the custom home you want right now.


Waiting may not save you money

While it’s certainly important to buy when you can afford to do so, waiting for rates to go down or other factors to change may not be worth it. Though inflation and prices may stabilize, long-term pricing trends are historically an upward trajectory. In the meantime, you’re putting off living in the home of your dreams. In many cases, you may be more likely to regret waiting than making adjustments that allow you to maintain your original timeline.

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Embrace the power of custom to find savings

One of the benefits of building a custom home is the ability to make it your own, in size and in features. Small choices can add up to big savings. The designers at Estes Builders can maximize the functionality of a smaller footprint, if needed, while making the most of views and other property amenities in the most efficient ways. We’ll also design with your budget in mind and help you make decisions to avoid overspending.

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Plan for what can be done later

Another advantage to working with Estes’ in-house designers is they may be able to incorporate flexible space so that you can add desired features down the road. This might include pre-wiring for solar panels, space for a larger replacement refrigerator, or a bonus room that can be finished and converted to a media room.

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Consider multi-generational living

If you’ve been weighing building a house that can also accommodate an aging parent, multi-generational homes can help save money by sharing the costs of some of your must-have features. (Learn more about multi-generational living here.)

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Remember the efficiency of new

Unless your current home is also new, chances are you’re going to see improvements in energy costs in a new modern home thanks to more stringent codes, new building methods, and more advanced materials. If you’re moving from an older house, factor potential energy savings into cost considerations.

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Work with a builder that locks in price

A custom home build can take up to a year or more from initial meeting through key delivery, and material prices can change a lot over that time. That’s why Estes Builders offers a Guaranteed Fixed Price. This provides a level of assurance that you won’t have to worry about the impact of material price changes and other obstacles during the months when your home is being built.

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