Custom Home Builders Best Practice – Estes Builders

June 4, 2014

And what that means for your budget. Most home builders will monitor the cost of your custom home project as construction progresses. And then they’ll compare the actual cost to your budget. This is done continuously to make sure they’re staying on budget.

red bar graphSounds reasonable, right?

The downside is, many builders will use that information — whether they’re over or under budget — to make decisions about your project. And nine times out of 10 this approach results in a project that’s over budget due to lack of planning. In this far-too-common scenario, the home builder will then try to “make up” the costs as construction progresses. This unfortunately can result in decisions that are based on dollars instead of what’s right for your home. Estes Builders refuses to take part in this industry “best practice” because we don’t want the budget to shade our judgement during construction. And yet we do stay on budget. Every time. How is that possible?

We use a fixed-price agreement.

Instead of comparing the cost of the project to your budget during construction, we use our expertise to plan out the cost of your project during the design phase. Once the planning concludes, we provide you with a final fixed-price agreement so you’ll know the cost of your new custom home before we excavate for your foundation. You rely on us as experts, and you expect that expertise to include developing budgets and costs. Don’t let your budget hold you back from building the custom home you’ve always dreamed of. [action] Estes Builders is an award winning home designer and home builder serving Western Washington state since 1989. Estes Builders designs and builds new homes in Port Angeles, Sequim, Port Townsend, Kingston, Hansville, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Silverdale, Port Orchard and surrounding Clallam and Kitsap Peninsula neighborhoods. “Creative custom homes without the creative accounting” Create-a-custom-home-budget Estes Builders is an award-winning design build firm that specializes in custom homes in Western Washington. We have earned more than 130 customer testimonials and a reputation as Western Washington’s most trusted custom home builder. We build custom homes in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, Bainbridge Island, Kingston, Silverdale, Port Orchard and surrounding areas. Contact us for a FREE Project Analysis to discuss your project.]]>