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Life in Gig Harbor: Small-Town Charm on the Water

Nestled gently within the southernmost part of Puget Sound, Gig Harbor is as quaint as its name. The small town of about 12,000 inhabitants is just a bridge away from bustling Tacoma but has an off-the-beaten-path feel the city itself describes as “where postcard perfect meets small-town charm.” It also serves as an unofficial gateway to the Olympic Peninsula. Not surprisingly, Gig Harbor has strong ties to the water and is proud of its history. Much of these attributes come alive downtown, where beauty and industry meet.


Custom Homes in Gig Harbor

From permit requirements to managing single-family setbacks to preserving water views, Estes Builders can help you navigate building requirements and create a design most suited for your property.

Here are just a few of the highlights of owning a home in Gig Harbor:


Convenient Location
  • Gig Harbor offers everything you’d want in a small town, yet is just minutes away from shopping and resources in Tacoma. It’s also closer to Sea-Tac airport than most cities on the western side of Puget Sound.
  • If you love the outdoors, Gig Harbor is a great jumping off point for visiting the Olympic Peninsula from either the north or the south. It also offers easier access to Mt. Rainier National Park and points south compared to other Peninsula towns


Water Lover’s Dream

A town with “Harbor” in its name means easy access to the water and all it offers.


Vibrant Downtown

Small town doesn’t mean ho-hum.


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Banner Photo: Copyright Tom Collins

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